poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are used by professional cooks for centuries to add color and crunchiness in food. Besides this, there are many more reasons why these seeds are used in cooking.  These seeds are able to provide you nutrients. Although they contain some folate and niacin, but they are also a good source of minerals. Just a table spoon of seeds in your food can provide you with the measurable amount of iron, calcium and zinc.

If you are going to purchase poppy seeds then there is one thing that you need to consider. You must buy bulk unwashed poppy seeds as many stores offer special discount on the bulk purchases.

How to add poppy seeds in your diet?

If you are starting to use these seeds in your diet to attain the health benefits offered by them, then the best idea of using them is to mix them into the salad dressing. You can also sprinkle them on the pancakes. You can use these seeds in making casserole recipes with chicken breasts, broccoli, mushroom, and a sauce made of low fat yogurt or milk, little flour and chicken broth. Poppy seeds can also be used to add flavor in the brown rice and peas. They can also be added in the pasta but there is one thing that you need to consider when using it in the pasta that you have to add cream sauce in this dish. Poppy seeds can never be used with tomato sauce as they lose their flavor due to it.

Poppy Seeds: The Great Kitchen Ingredient
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