chicken with lentils
If you are a chicken lover and like to eat new dishes then you should try the chicken with an italian touch. There are many restaurants who are specialist in making the italian chicken recipes. They use classic recipes and sauces which makes these dishes tastier. However, if you are visiting Italy then you should surely taste the chicken dishes there. You will surely have an exotic experience there.

Various types of chicken recipes

Chicken with garlic sauce

This recipe is made with garlic sauce and other spices which make this dish too tasty. You must order and taste it with family and friends.

Chicken Masala

This is an italian classic chicken recipe and made with different sauces and ingredients. It includes thin pieces of chicken and uses the mixture of flour and ground peanuts. You have a great choice if you choose this.

Meyer lemon chicken recipe

This is a variety of italian classic chicken recipe. In this, Meyer lemon is used in the sauce which gives a tangy flavor to chicken. You can try this chicken recipe in any Italian restaurant. You can also order this dish online from different restaurants.

Chicken Cacciatore recipe

This is a great recipe and made with real classic spices and sauces. It is a must to try dish. You can also make this recipe in home for family or friends and they will surely enjoy it. You can easily make this dish and can take help of online sites to make it without any trouble.

Experience The Great Taste Of Chicken Recipes With An Italian Touch

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