If you are a food lover and want to enjoy a number of delicious food items then you should surely visit California, which is famous for providing many delicious food items. Outside many offices, universities, schools and parks you will surely find the mobile restaurants or food trucks. Many of the customers also follow these food trucks on the social networking websites so that they can always remain updated with their location.

steak and greens

One of the food specialists Jennifer Mitchell has discussed a lot about the cuisine of California and after going through her blogs, you will surely look forward to visit California to enjoy the delicious food. Listed below are some of the famous delicious foods that you should surely taste on your visit:

  • Mission burrito: It is one of the most delicious dishes that is a Mexican American one and the super burrito is made with the combination of meat, hot sauce, cheese, beans, rice, sour cream, and guacamole.
  • Mai tai: This antique and delicious beverage is made with the combination of Curacao, orgeat, lime and rum. You will surely enjoy having this beverage.
  • Fortune cookie: It is one of the ultimate and delicious food items that is made using a particulate machine. They are of triangular shape and filled with a mixture of delicious items.
  • Rocky rand: You should surely eat this dish which looks much similar to chocolates pieces. It is the ice cream which is made by mixing nuts, chocolate ice cream and marshmallows.
Enjoy The Best Delicious Foods From California’s Food Culture
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