The foundation of pizza that makes it different from other snacks and gives it authentic taste is its crust; a perfect crust makes a tasty pizza. In Belfast, there are many pizza stores that serve numerous kinds of delicious pizza. You can order a pizza Belfast delivery with your favorite types of crust. Given below are two basic types of crusts that you can choose from for your order:

pizza with peperoni

Thick Crust – A pizza with regular crust is known as thick crust pizza and most of the pizza stores make these kinds of crust. These kinds of crusts are best for handling load of lots of cheese and toppings. The thickness of the crust can range from 1/8 inch to ¼ inch. Since they are thick and heavy so they are molded on the cooking tray or pan and the sauce and toppings are spread on it directly. A thick crust pizza is best for Chicago pizza, cheese burst pizza, etc. to handle the load of heavy cheese on it.

pizza with mushroom

Thin Crust – as the name suggests, a thin crust pizza has very thin crust and these are also loved by people. The crisp and thin crust not only gives a crunchy base but also has a baked and smoky flavor. They are little bit thicker at the outer side but slimmer in the center because the thicker parameter acts as a wall to hold all the sauce, cheese and toppings. The best pizzas with thin crust are New York, Mexican, Neapolitan, etc.

What Are Different Types Of Pizza Crust?
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